Why and How to use Oberlo app

Oberlo is probably Shopify's best and most popular app. By using oberlo's chrome extension you can add products from Ali Express fast and easily. But it is this much popular because you can automate your business by using it. Interesting right? The cost of this app is not much. It is free for 50 orders per month, 29.90 USD for 500 orders and, if you really have a big business then 79.90 USD is right for you cause you can automate as many order as you want.

So, how to add it to your store and use it? Follow the videos below.

Video links,

1. How to add oberlo to your Shopify store?

2. How to add oberlo chrome extension?

3. How to import products from Ali Express by using oberlo's chrome extension?

So now you know how to add and use oberlo.

If you want to know how to add an app known as "quick view", which has a facility so that customers do not need to leave the collection page of your store to see the details of your products and buy it, then click how to add quick view app?

If you have any question then comment down below.


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