Tracking app Aftership for product tracking.

Late shipping is a very big problem for you if you have a dropshipping business with Ali Express or any other Chinese store. Because of long shipping time, customers often want to get a tracking number for the products they bought from you. You can find the tracking number in Ali Express or if you do not see it then contact your supplier. So after getting the number and giving it to your customers, you should add a page to your store where customers can see where their products are right now by using tracking number. You need to add "aftership" app or a similer app like that. You also need to add a page where people should go if they want to use their tracking number. I call it "item tracking" page. Follow the videos below to see how to do these.


1. How to add "Aftership" app? (The first app I added is "oberlo". The second one is "Aftership")

2. How to add "item tracking" page and use the "Aftership" app?

Good work! Now you have a nice item tracking page in your store.

If you want to know how to automate your dropshipping business then see Why and How to use Oberlo app?

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