How to add apps to your Shopify store!

Shopify is giving us a great service by providing us various tools. We can design our stores without having any prior knowledge of programming. But sometimes we need more than that. That is why we have the shopify app store where we can add many free or paid apps to our store. Adding apps to your store very simple. Follow the steps below. (If you want to watch the video then click How to add apps in your shopify store. Watching the video should be better for you).

If you do not want to watch the video then follow the steps below.

1. Log in to your shopify store.

2. Click "Apps" located on the left-hand side bar.

3.  Click on "Visit Shopify App Store".

4. Now you are at the app store. Here you can download and add apps. Suppose you need an app known as "oberlo". Click the search bar and then write "oberlo" and then press enter.

5. Now you can see the oberlo app. Click on it.

6. Click on "Get" which is located under the search bar.

7. Now click on "Install App" located at the bottom right.

8. Great. Your work is done! But wait a minute. Every app is not the same. For using some app (like "aftership") you need to open an account (which is actually so easy). In the account opening page, they ask for your email, password. Don't worry about it. There is a bar named "Continue with Shopify" located above the form. Click on it.

9.Then if there is any form then fill it. If you asked for store link then give your store link ( or if you did not buy any name yet then

10. Great job. Now you added an app to your shopify store and one step closer to your goal.

If you want to know how to automate your business then see why and how to use oberlo app.

If you got any question then comment down below.


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