How to add and use quick view app

Suppose you are a customer searching for a pretty pair of jeans on a website. Suddenly you saw a nice pair of jeans. You click on the product image to see the product details and other product images. You see some other image, you see details, then you decided to not to buy it cause you do not like it much, you go back to the collection page. So you needed to click 2 times to see the product and come back to the previous page and saw the website reloading two times. Then you liked some other products and did the same thing again, and again, and again. This is annoying to you as a customer. What if you did not have to leave the collection page to see the products clearly and buy them? Many big companies give this facility in their websites so that customers do not need to leave their collection page often. In shopify there is an app known as "quick view" for this facility. Follow the video below to see how to add it and use it.

Video links:

1.  How to add quick view app?

2. How to use quick view app?

So now you know how to use quick view app. If you want to know how to automate your business then follow why and how to use oberlo app?

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